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The fifth Impression show created by the intimate trio of directors – Wang Chaoge, Fan Yue and Zhang Yimou, Impression Dahongpao is an artful combination of natural landscapes, tea culture and folklore, staged in Mount Wuyi, a natural and cultural World Heritage site recognized by UNESCO. During this 70-minute magnificent show, with mountains and waters around and a fragrant smell of clay and plants blowing to their faces, the audience would feel as if they were experiencing a fanciful return-to-nature journey.

The 360-degree rotating stand, the first of its kind in the world, brings the audience the brand-new experience of “watching the show in a rotary manner”. The outdoor-scene film shown on 15 enormous screens provides a new way of thinking for the development of modern film, and makes the audience feel unbelievably as if they were in a picturesque dreamland. The landscape-enclosing theatre – the first and largest of its kind in the world – provides a 2km-radius field of vision, and the stage stretches 12,000m in length, offering the audience a 360-degree view of the show and allowing them to get a glimpse of Mount Wuyi’s two most famous peaks – King (Dawang) and Yunv (Fairy Maiden) – which appear suddenly and disappear all of a sudden before their eyes.

Impression Dahongpao was premiered on March 29, 2010, and has been performed more than one thousand times since then.

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