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Impression Chinese Music came as a spendid addition to the Impression series. It was a crystallisation of six years of planning and three years of preparation by China National Orchestra, the most prominent guardian of traditional Chinese music and the dedicated effort of world-renowned director Wang Chaoge.

Impression Chinese Music was conceived in 2008 when Mr. Xi Qiang, Chairman of China National Orchestra wanted to create a musical performed by traditional Chinese musical instruments to reflect the depth, richness and vitality of Chinese music. Therefore, China National Orchestra set out to bring ancient musical instruments back to life through cooperation with scholars on Dunhuang history and music and manufacturers of musical instruments. They were hopeful that ancient tones would one day fascinate modern ears and that they would contribute to the continuous recreation and transmission of the cultural heritage.

Ms. Wang Chaoge, Director of the Impression Series, brought her ideals of creating authentic Chinese music and promoting it worldwide to the team in 2013. In the same year, Impression Chinese Music was born, becoming the first piece outside of the traditional repertoire to rank in the pantheon of high art.

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